As of March 1ST, 2017 all fishers in good standing under the age of 70 will be able to participate in the following matter;

-Life insurance coverage only on the fisher's life in the amount of $10,000(premium paid 100% by the union)

-Full coverage including Life, Health/Drugs and Dental ($400 annual contribution)

If you already have the Life and Health/Drug Benefit, with your payment you will automatically be adding the dental

Two exceptions;

-        First exception, if you have been refused for the health benefit you will be able to participate into the dental for a fee of $100 a year but you will need to complete the enclosed application as we need the information on you and your family to add the coverage. This must be sent no later than postmarked the 28th of February.

-        Second exception, if your spouse has a Health/Drug Plan but no Dental, you will also be eligible to join for the same $100 provided that you also complete the application and provide a proof that your spouse has a plan by providing the insurance companies name and the group number for verification.

Only those fishers that don’t presently have the Health/Drug Plan will be receiving new cards as the one’s you currently hold for the Health/Drugs will also work with the Dental as long as you pay your renewal of $400 before February 28th, 2017.

Act now and renew or enroll into this offer so you may avoid delays or risk losing valuable benefits for you and your family.

Payment may be made by cash at the office, money order or cheque payable to the Maritime Fishermen’s Union

 Please note that dependent children are covered up to age 21 and 25 if attending school. Every year in September you must register with Assumption Life any dependants over 21 or risk losing coverage.