Your Governance has mandated the MFU to prepare and develop an order and delivery system in 2014 to have logbooks available for those fisheries that will need them and the system will continue this year again.

The MFU has been recognized as an official distributor and has made an order for active harvesters / for all species that will need logbooks.

All logbooks will be available at the Tracadie and Shediac offices for pickup upon payment.   

The MFU has attempted to find the best prices available for logbooks and have them made available for the lowest possible costs to harvesters (while covering minimal administration, storage and delivery costs).

 Logbooks cost $10 each + postage fee $ 5. (advanced payment)

Those species that will need logbooks in the Gulf are the following: lobster, rock crab, toad crab, snow crab, scallops, tuna and groundfish

To have access to this logbook service, NB East Coast harvesters will need to pay any late dues unpaid at MFU offices.