Member services

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In 2012, the DFO decided that they would no longer distribute nor pay for fishing tags. Since then, the MFU has committed to the distribution of tags to its members in order to avoid having private companies manage the distribution of tags and to avoid having harvesters order directly from producing companies and paying higher unit prices for tags and delivery.


log books

The DFO has advised Gulf fleets in December 2013 that they will begin imposing a minimal data collection system from the first point of harvest for the 2014 season even though they are committing to develop an electronic data collection system during the course of the next few years


life jackets

We are pleased to inform our members that the MFU will offer one (1) free floating device (a value of approx. $300) for each member that is up to date with its dues or for those that will choose to pay arrears.

Floating devices are available for harversters to pick up at the MFU Shediac or Tracadie offices. Each fisher needs to carry a form of identification and sign a document to receive its device. 


Insurance plan

Great news as we start our 21ST  year of group insurance benefit

With the approval of your elected officials we will be adding a basic Dental Plan starting March 1ST, 2017. The majority of the premium will still be paid by the Union from its fund, but the fishers’ annual contribution will go up to $400 annually.