For 2017, the MFU has decided to renew its distribution service for its harvesters. An order will be made for all MFU harvesters having paid for their tags in 2016 and having also paid their dues.

All fishing tags will be mailed directly to member addresses in 2017 before the start of your fishing seasons on the basis of a COD (payment at reception of box) system. Please be advised that tags will be necessary for your fisheries according to DFO rules. 

Also, please note that East Coast NB harvesters will need to have paid all late dues in order to receive their tags in the mail.

The MFU will permit for the use of normal postal services if a harvester authorizes it in writing and accepts the risks of Canada Post delays. The service will also be rendered for replacement tags at MFU offices in Tracadie and Shediac (through MFU employee in Nova Scotia). It will be mandatory for you to give the numbers of your lost tags to receive replacement tags.

Fees charged for tags by the MFU will be identical as 2016. These costs include tags and also other costs related to mailouts, administration fees, losses, storage, replacement, destruction costs for unused tags, etc…

Please take note that all information regarding the tags that we have supplied you originals and replacement are sent to DFO on a daily basis.